Conversaci贸n en Ingl茅s | Iniciar una Conversaci贸n

驴C贸mo empezar una conversaci贸n en ingl茅s?

– Expresiones 煤tiles –


C贸mo se encuentra usted How are you ? /聽How are things with you /聽How are you doing?聽[familier]
驴Puedo hacerle una pregunta? Can / Could / May I ask you a question?
驴Puedo hablar con usted en privado? Can / Could / May I have a word in your ear?
驴Podemos ponernos manos a la obra? Can we get down to business?
驴Me concede un momento, por favor? Can you spare me a few minutes, please?
Por supuesto que s铆. Certainly.
驴Lleg贸(e) sin dificultad? Did you get here OK?
Ser谩 mejor que entre. Do come in.
Por favor, venga conmigo. Do come.
Tome asiento, por favor. Do take a seat. Do sit down.
驴Quieres tomar una copa? 驴Quieres beber algo? Do you feel like a drink?
Yo invito. / Yo pago. Drinks on me.
Estoy bien, gracias. 驴Y usted? Fine, thanks. And you ? / I鈥檓 good, thanks, how聽about you?
Hola, 驴c贸mo te va? How are things? [familier] / How鈥檚 life? [familier]
驴En qu茅 te has convertido? How are you getting on?
驴C贸mo va el negocio? How鈥檚 business? [familier]
隆Hace siglos que no te ve铆a(e)! I hadn’t seen you in ages!
Estar茅 ah铆 en un momento. I’ll be along in a minute.
Volver茅 en un momento. I’ll be right back.
Estar茅 con usted en un minuto. I’ll be with you in a minute.
Le dir茅 una palabra. I’ll have a quick word with him /her.
Voy a hablar con 茅l. I’ll have a word with him / her about it.
Voy a hablar con 茅l. I’ll mention it to him /her.
Estoy mucho mejor, gracias. I’m much better now, thanks.
S贸lo tengo unos minutos. I’ve only got a few minutes to spare.
No pasa nada, gracias. I鈥檓 OK, thanks. / All right, thanks.
No pasa nada, gracias. Not too聽bad, thanks. / Not bad, not had, thanks.
Me gustar铆a hablar con usted. Id like to talk to you.
Si me siguen, por favor. If you will follow me.
隆le dir茅 dos palabras! [para expresar reproche] III give him /her a piece of my mind!
隆Qu茅 d铆a tan hermoso! Isn’t it a lovely day?
隆Hace tiempo que no nos ve铆amos(e)s! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? / Long time no see!
Un momento, por favor. Just a moment, please.
隆Pasemos a las cosas serias! Let’s get down to business!
隆Pasemos a lo m谩s importante! Let’s get down to the nitty- gritty!
隆No perdamos el tiempo! Let’s not waste any time!
Un d铆a precioso, 驴no? Lovely weather, isn’t it?
驴Puedo entrar, por favor? May I come in?
Todo est谩 bien, 驴verdad? Nothing wrong, I hope?
隆Estamos listos(e)s! Now we’re in business!
Un momento, por favor. One moment, please.
Por favor, tome asiento. Please be seated
Por favor, pase, por favor. Please come in. / Come in please.
Por favor, por favor. Please do.
Si茅ntate, te lo traer茅 Please take a seat
Tengo algo que decirle. There’s something I want to tell you.
Muy bien, por favor. Very well, thank you.
Un momento, por favor. Wait a moment, please.
驴De qu茅 se trata? What about?
驴En qu茅 puedo servirle? What can I do for you?
驴Qu茅 hay de nuevo? What have you been up to?
驴Qu茅 va a tomar, se帽or? What will you have?
驴Qu茅 puedo ofrecerle de beber? What would you like to drink?
驴Te gustar铆a unirte a m铆? Will you join me?
Por supuesto que s铆. With pleasure.
驴Le apetece una copa? Won’t you have a drink?
驴Quieres venir con nosotros? Would you care to join us?
驴Me har铆a un favor? Would you do something for me?


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