Los 100 verbos más usados y comunes en inglés – Lista completa

¿Cuáles son los 100 verbos más comunes en inglés?

– La lista completa –

La lista completa de los 100 verbos más usados y comunes en inglés: ¡aprende el vocabulario en inglés que más necesitas para hablar!


aceptar to accept
abrir to open (up)
agregar to add
amar to like, to love
apagar to turn off
aprender to learn, to teach, to hear of
ayudar to help
bajar to go down
buscar to search, to look for, to seek
caer to fall
cambiar to change, to alter
caminar to walk
cantar to sing
cerrar to close
cocinar to cook
comenzar to begin, to start
comer to eat
comprar to buy
conducir to drive
contar to count
contestar to answer, to reply
correr to run
cortar to cut
creer to believe (in)
dar to give
deber to must, to have to, to owe
decidir to decide
decir to say, to tell
dejar to leave, to let, to allow
descansar to take a rest
despertarse to awake
devolver to return something, to give back
disparar to pull, to draw (curtains…), to fire a gun
dormir to sleep
elegir to choose, to select
encender to turn on
encontrar to find, to meet up, to regain
encontrar to find, to discover
entender to understand, to include
entrar to enter, to go into
enviar a to send
escribir to write
escuchar to listen to
escuchar to hear
esperar to wait for, to expect
estar to be
evitar to prevent, to stop
existir to exist
explicar to explain
ganar to win, to gain, to earn
girar to turn
haber to have
hablar to speak, to talk
hacer to do, to make
ir to go
jugar to play, to gamble, to act
lavar, limpiar to clean (up)
lavarse to Wash oneself
leer to read
llamar to call, to contact
llegar to arrive, to happen
llevar to wear, to carry
llorar to cry
lograr to succeed
mantener to hold, to keep
Marcharse, irse to leave, to depart
mirar to watch, see
mostrar to show, to display
necesitar to require
olvidar to forget
pagar to pay
para trabajar to work
parar to stop
parecerse to look like
pensar to think
perder to lose, to waste
permitir to allow, to permit, to enable
poder to be able (can)
poner to put, to place
posar to put down, to lay something down
preguntar to ask for
preparar to prepare something, to make
probar to try, to attempt
quedarse to stay, to remain
quedarse dormido to fall asleep
querer to want, to wish
rechazar to refuse
recibir to receive
reconocer to recognize, to acknowledge
recordar to call back, to remind
recuerda recuerda to remember, remember
regresar a casa to go home
reir to laugh
repetir to repeat
reunirse to meet, to encounter
robar to fly
romper to break
saber to know, to get to know
salir to get out, to leave, to exit, to come out
seguir to continue
seguir to follow, to pay attention
siéntate to take a seat
terminar to finish
tirar to throw
tocar to touch, to feel
tomar to take, to catch
traer to bring, to take
usar to use, to employ
venir to come
vender to sell
ver to see
vivir to live
volver to return, to come back
volverse to become, to turn into

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