Used to | Ejercicio de gramática en inglés

Used to | Ejercicio de gramática en inglés

Encuentra la respuesta correcta:

1. She isn’t used to  in these conditions.

2. How did he get used to  in this new company?

3. Did she  go to the club when she was young?

4. We need some time to get used to  in this country.

5. Sarah used to  a doctor before she became a lawyer.

6. I’m not used to  my car by hand.

7. I’ll get used to  in Japan very quickly.

8. My uncle didn’t  drink much alcohol.

9. There used to  a lot of birds in this park.

10. It took him a while to get used to  on a computer keyboard.



  1. working
  2. working
  3. use to
  4. living
  5. be
  6. washing
  7. living
  8. use to
  9. be
  10. typing

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