Pronombres inglés | Ejercicio online

Los pronombres en inglés | Ejercicio online

Elija el pronombre correcto entre her, him, it, them y us:

  1. If you see a good opportunity, just take .
  2. ‘Nick looks so happy. His parents offered¬†¬†a car for his birthday!’
  3. ‘Where did you put my old magazines?’ ‘I threw¬†¬†away.’
  4. ‘Have you seen the latest Iron Man movie!’ ‘Yes, I have already seen¬†!’
  5. ‘My sister is really kind. I like¬†¬†very much.’
  6. I don’t need help to fix my computer. I can do¬†¬†by myself.
  7. ‘Have you met Paul and Kevin?’ ‘No, I have never met¬†.’
  8. We had so much fun at the beach! I wish you had come with.
  9. You should take your friends to the train station. Don’t let¬†¬†go by taxi.
  10. ‘Why is she insulting Jimmy?’ ‘Because she hates¬†



  1. it
  2. him
  3. them
  4. it
  5. her
  6. it
  7. them
  8. us
  9. them
  10. him

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