Pronombres en inglés | Ejercicio online

Los pronombres en inglés | Ejercicio online

Usa los pronombres personales correctos. Mira la palabra entre paréntesis:

Ej:  often reads books. (Tina) → She often reads books.

  1.  are in the garden. (the flowers)
  2.  are hungry. (my dogs)
  3.  live together. (my girlfriend and I)
  4. Does  know what happened? (your mum)
  5.  is walking outside. (Jason)
  6.  is from Germany. (Gina)
  7.  has two brothers. (Sarah)
  8. Have  got a car, Tommy?
  9.  is reading a magazine. (Linda)
  10.  are dirty. (Tina`s shoes)



  1. They are in the garden. (the flowers)
  2. They are hungry. (my dogs)
  3. We live together. (my girlfriend and I)
  4. Does she know what happened? (your mum)
  5. He is walking outside. (Jason)
  6. She is from Germany. (Gina)
  7. She has two brothers. (Sarah)
  8. Have you got a car, Tommy?
  9. She is reading a magazine. (Linda)
  10. They are dirty. (Tina`s shoes)

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