Past Simple | Ejercicios de inglés

Past Simple | Ejercicios de inglés

Ponga el verbo en el pasado simple :

  1. Simon (come)   to Japan in 2014.
  2. Tina (sing)   a lot at the karaoke.
  3. The kid (fall)   off his skateboard.
  4. I (find)   your shoes under the table.
  5. It (be)   very cold this morning.
  6. Sam (visit)   his girlfriend last weekend.
  7. Ray (arrive)   two days ago.
  8. We (go)   to the cinema last night.
  9. I (be)   at the supermarket this morning.
  10. She (see)   Sarah at the bar last week.
  11. He  some pie for his grandma. (make)
  12. They  (understand) why he did that.
  13. I   (hear) this song this morning on the radio.
  14. We  (speak) to them last week.
  15. She  (spend) a lot of money to get this car.
  16. We   (watch) TV for too long.
  17. My friend¬†¬† (forget) his girlfriend’s birthday.
  18.  she  (lose) some weight?
  19. She  (give) him a nice present.
  20. Paul (choose)   to study abroad.


  1. came
  2. sang
  3. fell
  4. found
  5. was
  6. visited
  7. arrived
  8. went
  9. was
  10. saw
  11. made
  12. understood
  13. heard
  14. spoke
  15. spent
  16. watched
  17. forgot
  18. did / lose
  19. gave
  20. chose

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