Los pronombres en ingl├ęs | Ejercicio online

Los pronombres en ingl├ęs | Ejercicio online

Elija el pronombre correcto entre her, him, it, them y us:

  1. ‘Where did you get that book?’ ‘I’m afraid I can’t remember┬á.’
  2. ‘Do you really like Sarah?’┬á‘Yes, I’m in love with┬á!’
  3. ‘Your husband is a good cook!’ ‘I’ll ask┬á┬áto prepare dinner.’
  4. ‘Do you know this man?’ ‘Sorry, I don’t know┬á.’
  5. ‘Where are my shoes?’ ‘You are wearing┬á!’
  6. ‘Do you like bananas?’ ‘I love┬á!’
  7. ‘Why is he always looking at Nelly?’ ‘He probably┬álikes┬á!’
  8. ‘Where is my phone? I think I’ve lost┬á.’
  9. ‘Is that Sarah’s new computer?’ ‘Don’t ask me, ask┬á!’
  10. ‘How are your parents? I haven’t met┬á┬áfor ages!’


  1. it
  2. her
  3. him 
  4. him
  5. them
  6. them
  7. her
  8. it
  9. her
  10. them

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