Las preposiciones ingl茅s – Ejercicio

Las preposiciones ingl茅s – Ejercicio

Complete las siguientes oraciones con la preposici贸n apropiada:聽

  1. Thank you for offering to help. It’s very kind 聽you.
  2. Guess what I have聽聽my bag?
  3. I really enjoyed聽this movie. What 聽you?
  4. I asked my neighbour to look聽聽 my cat when I went to London.
  5. The meeting is 聽February 12th 聽聽10聽a.m.
  6. If you’re interested聽聽working in Tokyo, you should apply 聽that job
  7. Paris聽is a big city, but it’s very different 聽London.
  8. The teacher聽got angry聽聽me when I arrived late 聽the second time.
  9. I’m not familiar 聽this computer. Could you explain 聽聽me how it works?
  10. He wrote the text 聽French, then translated it聽聽English.


  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. after
  5. on/at
  6. in/for
  7. from
  8. with/for
  9. with/to
  10. in/into

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