Ejercicio de ingl茅s: Futuro Continuo

Ejercicio de ingl茅s: Futuro Continuo (= progressivo)

Ask questions using future continuous tense (I will be playing) :

  1. (What/you/do)聽聽tomorrow evening?
  2. (How many people/drink)聽聽beer at the party?
  3. (Tina/play)聽聽the guitar聽at the performance?
  4. (Who/deal)聽聽with the press release?
  5. (Where/you/stay)聽聽when you鈥檙e in Paris?

  1. What will you be doing tomorrow evening?
  2. How many people will be drinking beer at the party?
  3. Will Tina聽be playing the guitar聽at the performance?
  4. Who will be dealing with the press release?
  5. Where will you be staying when you鈥檙e in Paris?

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