Past Simple | Ejercicios de inglés

Past Simple | Ejercicios de inglés

A) Haga preguntas sobre las partes en negrita de la frase:

  1. Cindy swam in the lake. 
  2. Tina paid the rent. 
  3. The lady gave me this cake. 
  4. I felt bad. 
  5. His stomach hurts because he ate too much. 

B) Haga preguntas usando el pasado simple con las palabras entre paréntesis:

  1. (you/dance)   at the club last night?
  2. (she/do)   her homework?
  3. (Sam/work)   at the post office?
  4. (He/help)   you with the cleaning-up?
  5. When (I/say)   that?

Ejercicio A

  1. Where did Cindy swim?
  2. What did she pay?
  3. Who gave you this cake?
  4. How did you feel?
  5. Why did his stomach hurt?

Ejercicio B

  1. Did you dance at the club last night?
  2. Did she do her homework?
  3. Did Sam work at the post office?
  4. Did he help you with the cleaning-up?
  5. When did I say that?

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