Ejercicios de inglés: gerundio e infinitivo

Ejercicio de inglés

– Gerundio e infinitivo –

¬ŅGerundio o Infinitivo (con o sin to)?¬† Elija la respuesta correcta:

  1. Don’t you dare  to me like that!
  2. Do you happen  any money with you?
  3. Do you enjoy ?
  4. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate¬†¬†me.
  5. I am looking forward to  you again soon.
  6. The song made me .
  7. What about  out tonight?
  8. He swore never  that again.
  9. How dare you  that?
  10. Do you mind  the window?
  11. It’s no problem¬†¬†you up at 5¬†o’clock.
  12. Let them .
  13. It was rather wicked  her like that.
  14. She got an offer  in South Korea.
  15. Can you see the spider  up the wall?

  1. talk
  2. to have
  3. singing
  4. to call
  5. seeing
  6. smile
  7. eating
  8. to do
  9. say
  10. opening
  11. picking
  12. go
  13. to threaten
  14. to work
  15. crawling

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