Ejercicios de Vocabulario inglés: Materialies

Ejercicios de Vocabulario inglés

– Materialies –

Utilice las siguientes palabras en las frases siguientes:

  • metal | wood | glass | rubber | plastic | leather | wax | cardboard

1. The characters in Madame Tussaud’s are made of

2. Most wine bottles are made of green, brown or clear

3. Car tyres are made of

4. A few cars are made of fibre glass, but most are made of

5. Shampoo bottles and washing-up liquid both come in bottles.

6. Today most yachts are made of fibre glass, but they used to be made of .

7. Most people wear shoes with uppers, but plastic soles. The most expensive shoes also have soles.

8. Cornflakes and other breakfast cereals come in boxes.

1. wax


3. rubber

4. metal

5. plastic

6. wood

7. leather, leather

8. cardboard

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