Ejercicios de Vocabulario inglés: Carácter y Personalidad

Ejercicios de Vocabulario inglés: Carácter y Personalidad

Complete las frases con las siguientes palabras:

moody | amusing | stubborn | arrogant | selfish | silly

1.Lucy never thinks about anyone but herself.
> Yes, she can be a bit  sometimes.

2.Oh, Laura‘s impossible. One minute life is wonderful and the next minute she’s in her room crying.

> Yes, she can he a bit , can’t she?

3. I really don’t like Bob. He seems to think that he’s more important than anybody else.

> He certainly can be very .

4. Martin’s such good fun. He’s got a great sense of humour.
> Yes, he can he very  at times.

5. I wish Joe would stop playing practical jokes all the time. It gets very tiring.
> Yes, he can be really  at times. I wish he’d grow up and behave like an adult.

6. I told Emma that she shouldn’t leave university but she never listens to me.
> No, she really can be very  when she wants, can’t she?

  1. selfish
  2. moody
  3. arrogant
  4. amusing
  5. silly
  6. stubborn

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