Ejercicios de inglés: gerundio e infinitivo

Ejercicio de inglés

– Gerundio e infinitivo –

¬ŅGerundio o Infinitivo (con o sin to)?¬† Elija la respuesta correcta:

  1. We managed  in time.
  2. We asked her  her question.
  3. He insisted on  the bill.
  4. I used  up early.
  5. I am used to  up early.
  6. I would rather  at home.
  7. I spent a lot of time  the essay.
  8. Why should they  this?
  9. I am looking forward to  from you soon.
  10. You had better  the bus.
  11. My friends encouraged me  for this job.
  12. I didn’t mean¬†¬†your feelings.
  13. I must apologize for  late.
  14. The job involves  reports for the boss.
  15. He refused  his friends.

  1. to arrive
  2. to repeat
  3. paying
  4. to get
  5. getting
  6. stay
  7. writing
  8. do
  9. looking
  10. take
  11. to apply
  12. to hurt
  13. being
  14. preparing
  15. to betray

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