Ejercicio de vocabulario en inglés | Sentimientos y emociones

Ejercicio Vocabulario Inglés | Sentimientos y emociones

Utilice la forma correcta de estos verbos en las siguientes frases:

laugh | frown | cry | smile | moan

1. Come on, everybody!  ! I’m trying to take a picture.

2. When Keith told that story about the time he was stuck in a lift, it was so funny, I couldn’t stop  .

3. Diana’s very upset. I can hear her upstairs   in her room.

4. It wasn’t a very relaxing holiday. My husband   about everything! First it was the hotel, and then it was the rain. Then, when the sun did come out, it was too hot! I wish we’d stayed at home!

5. Why do you keep  ? Is something the matter? Are you unhappy about something?

  1. smile
  2. laughing
  3. crying
  4. moaned
  5. frowning

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