Ejercicio vocabulario inglés avanzado | El Medio Ambiente

Ejercicio vocabulario inglés avanzado – El Medio Ambiente

Use las siguientes palabras para completar las oraciones:

  • deforestation | waste | pollution | protect | exhaust fumes | factory | recycled | crops | pesticides | toxic waste | emissions | damage | environmentalists

1. During the last hundred years we have done great to the environment.

2. There’s a large chemical in our town which has polluted the river twice in the last year.

3. The Government is very worried about the of our rivers and beaches.

4. A lot of household  like bottles and newspapers can be and used again.

5. are furious with the American Government for delaying measures which will reduce greenhouse gas 

6. There are lots of things we can all do to the environment.

7. Farmers contribute to environmental damage byspraying  with which stay in the soil for years.

8.  from cars and other vehicles cause a great deal of damage to the environment.

9. Tropical rainforests have always helped to keep the environment in balance but recent means they no longer absorb as much carbon dioxide as they used to.

10. The Government is introducing strict new rules on the dumping of by industry.

  1. damage
  2. factory
  3. pollution
  4. waste, recycled
  5. Environmentalists, emissions
  6. protect
  7. crops, pesticides
  8. Exhaust fumes
  9. deforestation
  10. toxic waste

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