Ejercicio de vocabulario en inglés | Sentimientos y emociones

Ejercicio Vocabulario Inglés | Sentimientos y emociones

«Get» es un verbo común para usar con las emociones. Use la forma correcta de estas expresiones:

  • get a bit tired
  • get a bit worried
  • get really excited
  • get bored
  • get nervous
  • get a bit confused
  • get really iealous
  • get embarrassed

1. My boyfriend doesn’t like it if I speak to other boys when we’re out. He .

2. Lisa said she‘d be home by eleven. I‘m beginning to .

3. Can’t we go out and do something? I’m  just watching TV.

4. Shall we stop and have a rest soon? I’m .

5. We‘re taking the children camping next weekend. They’re   about it.

6. Don’t keep asking him about his girlfriend. Can’t you see he’s  ?

7. These instructions aren’t easy to follow. I’m  .

8. l’ve got my driving test next month. I’m already   about it.

  1. gets really jealous
  2. get a bit worried
  3. getting bored
  4. getting a bit tired
  5. getting really excited
  6. getting embarassed
  7. getting a bit confused
  8. getting nervous

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