Ejercicio de vocabulario en ingl茅s | Sentimientos y emociones

Ejercicio Vocabulario Ingl茅s | Sentimientos y emociones

芦Get禄 es un verbo com煤n para usar con las emociones. Use la forma correcta de estas expresiones:

  • get a bit tired
  • get a bit worried
  • get really excited
  • get bored
  • get nervous
  • get a bit confused
  • get really iealous
  • get embarrassed

1. My boyfriend doesn鈥檛 like it if I speak to聽other boys when we鈥檙e out. He聽.

2. Lisa said she鈥榙 be home by eleven. I鈥榤聽beginning to聽.

3. Can鈥檛 we go out and do something? I鈥檓聽 just watching TV.

4. Shall we stop and have a rest soon? I鈥檓聽.

5. We鈥榬e taking the children camping next聽weekend. They鈥檙e 聽 about it.

6. Don鈥檛 keep asking him about his girlfriend.聽Can鈥檛 you see he’s 聽?

7. These instructions aren鈥檛 easy to follow. I鈥檓聽聽.

8. l鈥檝e got my driving test next month. I鈥檓聽already 聽聽about it.

  1. gets really jealous
  2. get a bit worried
  3. getting bored
  4. getting a bit tired
  5. getting really excited
  6. getting embarassed
  7. getting a bit confused
  8. getting nervous

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