Ejercicio inglés | Adjetivos en ED o ING

Adjetivos en ED o ING | Ejercicio de gramática en inglés

Elija el adjetivo correcto:

  1. I worked hard all day. Now I feel .
  2. His explanation is so … I don’t understand anything!
  3. I’m feeling extremely  when I don’t have enough money.
  4. You look . What’s happened?
  5. South Africa is the most  place I have ever been to.
  6. Did you hear that singer? He was !
  7. I’m not completely  with this new TV.
  8. The speech was two hours long. It was really .
  9. He’ll be  if you say that.
  10. The atmosphere is a little  in this city.


  1. tired
  2. confusing
  3. frustrated
  4. worried
  5. fascinating
  6. amazing
  7. satisfied
  8. boring
  9. shocked
  10. depressing

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