Ejercicio de Verbos Irregulares en ingl茅s

Ejercicio de Verbos Irregulares en ingl茅s

Complete las siguientes oraciones poniendo el verbo entre par茅ntesis en la forma apropiada:

  1. Hiromi聽(teach) 聽me to speak Japanese聽in a year. She was a great teacher.
  2. I (see) 聽Tina聽last week – she looked very well.
  3. Eight聽people (ring) 聽while she聽was out.
  4. I (leave) 聽my sunglasses聽at school聽this morning. I had to go back.
  5. I (tear) 聽my pant聽when I fell off my scooter.
  6. I think you misunderstood me. I (mean) 聽‘bad’ not ‘brad’!
  7. I (hurt) 聽my arm聽playing tennis this morning. I can’t go to the gym this afternoon.
  8. I’m sorry that I (forget) 聽to call you last night.
  9. Lunch聽was great. I聽(have) 聽lasagna.
  10. She (drink) 聽all the milk yesterday.

  1. taught
  2. saw
  3. rang
  4. left
  5. tore
  6. meant
  7. hurt
  8. forgot
  9. had
  10. drank

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