Ejercicio de inglés: Presente Simple

Ejercicio de inglés: Presente Simple

Ponga el verbo entre paréntesis en presente simple:

  1. They all (speak)  three languages.
  2. I (not/like)  travelling.
  3. I (love)  you.
  4. This (weigh)  20 kilograms.
  5. We (like)  bananas.
  6. The girl (want)  to play.
  7. You (need)  to sleep.
  8. They (agree)  with me.
  9. She (hear)  something strange.
  10. The box (contain)  food.
  11. Sally (look)  sad.
  12. Arnold (know)  how to fix a car.
  13. Ken and Samantha (seem)  happy.
  14. This (smell)  nice.
  15. I (not/believe)  you.
  16. We (be)  the champions!
  17. Conor always (kiss)  his children good night.

  1. They all speak three languages.
  2. I don’t like/do not like¬†travelling.
  3. I love you.
  4. This weighs 20 kilograms.
  5. We like bananas.
  6. The girl wants to play.
  7. You need to sleep.
  8. They agree with me.
  9. She hears something strange.
  10. The box contains food.
  11. Sally looks sad.
  12. Arnold knows how to fix a car.
  13. Ken and Samantha seem happy.
  14. This smells nice.
  15. I don’t believe¬†you.
  16. We are the champions!
  17. Conor always kisses his children good night.

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