Ejercicio de ingl茅s: Make and Do

Ejercicio de ingl茅s: Make and Do

Elija entre hacer o hacer en la forma correcta:

  1. He聽聽the laundry, cleaned the house, and聽聽dinner.
  2. The storm has聽聽a lot of damage to the house.
  3. Try not to聽聽any grammar mistakes in your writing.
  4. He聽聽several errors on the report.
  5. She sat on the sofa,聽聽a crossword and drinking tea.
  6. There was an old woman who was聽聽a painting.
  7. I’ve聽聽my decision. I’m going to live in London.
  8. They were聽聽progress, though.
  9. Paul聽often spends Sunday afternoons聽聽gardening.
  10. I think the students聽聽a great job with this essay. It’s excellent.
  11. Going to the swimming pool聽has really聽聽a difference to how I feel.
  12. Tina likes to聽聽her nails each week.
  13. I聽聽a promise to my dad聽that I wouldn’t fail any more exams.
  14. My sister is聽聽well in her new job.
  15. Don’t聽聽a sound! We need to be completely quiet.
  16. I hate聽聽paperwork.
  17. Conor聽was upset because the teacher聽聽a negative remark about his work.
  18. Tina聽likes聽聽exercise, especially swimming.
  19. I’m going to go outside and聽聽a phone call. It’s too noisy in here.
  20. Could you please聽聽the bed before you leave the house?


  1. did聽/聽made
  2. done
  3. make
  4. made
  5. doing
  6. doing
  7. made
  8. making
  9. doing
  10. did
  11. made
  12. do
  13. made
  14. doing
  15. make
  16. doing
  17. made
  18. doing
  19. make
  20. make

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