Ejercicio de inglés: las preposiciones

Ejercicio de inglés: las preposiciones

Completa las frases con la preposición correcta:

  1. I’m¬†¬†the marriage.
  2. It’s  time you told him the truth.
  3. Tina rode her motorcycle  Australia.
  4. Don’t lean¬†¬†this wall.
  5. In China most people eat  chopsticks.
  6. I met Sam  a music festival.
  7. My attitude  him changed.
  8. Please sit down. Mr. Smith will be  you in a moment.
  9. We entered the building  the front entrance.
  10. I live  the hall.


  1. against
  2. about
  3. across
  4. against
  5. with
  6. during
  7. towards
  8. with
  9. through
  10. across

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