Ejercicio de inglés: las preposiciones

Ejercicio de inglés: las preposiciones

Completa las frases con la preposición correcta:

  1. The movie was so bad we left  the end.
  2. The museum is a few kilometers  there.
  3. I bought many things  my stay in Osaka.
  4. The observatory is situated 600m  sea level.
  5. He wants to find out who was  the murder.
  6. What are you thinking ?
  7. I spend a lot of time travelling  London and Paris.
  8. His parents are  Portugal, but he was born in Brazil.
  9. Please turn  the volume of the radio. I’m getting deaf.
  10. You must be  16 in order to see the film.


  1. before
  2. From
  3. during
  4. above
  5. behind
  6. about
  7. between
  8. from
  9. down
  10. over

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