Ejercicio de gramática en inglés: Modales

Ejercicio de gramática en inglés: Modales

Elija la respuesta correcta:

  1.  you speak French? – Only a few words, but my Spanish is pretty good. (Can / Could)
  2.  you help me move this box? (Can / Could)
  3. I  read already before I was four years old. (could / should / would)
  4. I  help you, but I don’t want to. (can / could / would)
  5.  you open the door, please. (Can / May)
  6. I  move the box. It was too heavy. (couldn’t / mustn’t / shouldn’t / wouldn’t)
  7. You  not put your feet on the table. (must not / do not have to)
  8. If you continue to practise so hard, you  beat me before too long! (can / could / will be able to)
  9.   you swim? (Are you able to / Can)
  10. You  eat so much cookies. (don’t have to / mustn’t / shouldn’t)


  1. can
  2. could
  3. could
  4. could
  5. can
  6. couldn’t
  7. must not
  8. will be able to
  9. can
  10. shouldn’t

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