Ejercicio de gramática en inglés: Modal verbs

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  1. I’m afraid I  play basketball tomorrow. (can’t / couldn’t / would not be able to)
  2. You can come to the concert if you want but you  . (have to / don’t have to / mustn’t)
  3. What do you want to do? – Well, we  have a barbecue, but it looks like rain. (can / could / should / would)
  4. I’m so hungry I  eat ten hamburgers! (can / could / must / should)
  5. The exam starts at 9.30. You  be late. (don’t have to / mustn’t)
  6. Why didn’t you tell me? I  you! (could help / could have helped / was able to help / would help)
  7. How did you do in the test? – Ok. It  worse! (could be / could have been / might be / would have been)
  8. He  broken the window. He wasn’t even at home today. (couldn’t have / mustn’t / shouldn’t have)
  9. You  tired. You’ve only just got out of bed! (don’t have to be / can’t be / mustn’t be)
  10. Kevin  be very pleased with herself. He got the best grades. (has to / must / cannot)

  1. can’t
  2. don’t have to
  3. could
  4. could
  5. mustn’t
  6. could have helped
  7. could have been
  8. couldn’t have
  9. can’t be
  10. must

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