Ejercicio de gramática en inglés: los adverbios

Los adverbios | Ejercicio de gramática inglés

Encuentra el adverbio correcto usando el adjetivo de la primera frase:

Ej:  Her voice was soft. She spoke softly.

  1. The singer is awful. He sings  .
  2. The problem was easy. John solved it  .
  3. This child is very quiet. He’s always reading his books  .
  4. Paul is a good worker. He works really  .
  5. This test is simple. You  have to answers five questions.
  6. Tina is happy. She smiles  .
  7. The scenery is impressive. That moutain in particular is   tall.
  8. Her Japanese is fluent. She speaks Japanese  .
  9. My boss was angry. He spoke to me  .
  10. My sister is a careless driver. She drives  .

  1. awfully
  2. easily
  3. quietly
  4. well
  5. simply
  6. happily
  7. impressively
  8. fluently
  9. angrily
  10. carelessly

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