Ejercicio de comparativos y superlativos en inglés PDF

Ejercicio sobre el comparativo y el superlativo en inglés

Complete las siguientes oraciones con la forma apropiada de superlativo o comparativo: 

1 РA shark is ______ than a dolphin.
 more dangerous
 most dangerous

2 РTina is ______ than her sister.

3 РThe koala is the ______ animal in the zoo.

4 РTom is as ______ as Paul.
 more intelligent
 most intelligent

5 РThe rabbit is ______ than the hamster.

6 РEveryone in our family sings beautifully, but my sister is the ______ singer.

7 РHis cousin is as ______ as my father.

8 РThe taxi is ______ than the bus.

9 РThere are many cheap things in that shop, but pasta are the ______ thing.

10 РTina is ______ than Sarah.
 more careful
 most careful


  1. more dangerous
  2. younger
  3. the smallest
  4. as intelligent
  5. larger
  6. the best
  7. as old as
  8. worse
  9. the cheapest
  10. more careful

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