Adjetivos posesivos en inglés | Ejercicio PDF

Adjetivos posesivos en inglés | Ejercicio PDF

Reemplaza el pronombre sujeto por un adjetivo posesivo:

  1. I have a car.  car is red.
  2. I bought this camera for you. It’s¬†¬†camera now.
  3. Tina has a house.  house is very old.
  4. We own this book. This is  book.
  5. Where do you keep  money, in the bank?
  6. The company provides health care for all of  employees.
  7. Claire sees  mother every day.
  8. I like music too.  favourite band is Goldplay.
  9. I’ve also got two brothers.  names are Billy and Tom.
  10. Miguel is Spanish.  family is from Madrid.
  11. I’m reading a book by Victor Hugo.¬†¬†title is ‘Les Mis√©rables’.
  12. Sam is not at school.  father took him to the doctor.
  13. Kevin and Paul are waiters.  older brother is a famous chef.
  14. Tommy and I have an English class together.  teacher is Ms. Jackson.
  15. When I was in England I stayed at  father’s house.


  1. my
  2. their
  3. her
  4. our
  5. your
  6. its
  7. her
  8. My
  9. Their
  10. His
  11. Its
  12. His
  13. Their
  14. Our
  15. my

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