Adjetivos posesivos en inglés | Ejercicio PDF

Adjetivos posesivos en inglés | Ejercicio

Encuentra el adjetivo posesivo correcto:

  • Ej: Where are (you)  friends now? → Where are your friends now?
  1. Here is a postcard from (I)  friend Dees.
  2. The clothes belong to Peter. It’s (he)  clothes.
  3. She lives in England now with (she)  family.
  4. Susan and Peter have invited me to (they)  party.
  5. Are (you)  friends coming tonight?f(she
  6. A wolf was here. These are (it)  footprints.
  7. She goes to school with (she)  brother.
  8. I give (I)  sandwich to John.
  9. There’s a snake in (we)  garden.
  10. (They)  grandmother is very kind


  1. my
  2. his
  3. her
  4. their
  5. your
  6. its
  7. her
  8. my
  9. our
  10. their

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