Adjetivos en ED o ING | Ejercicio de gram√°tica

Adjetivos en ED o ING | Ejercicio de gramática en inglés

Elija el adjetivo correcto:

  1. She seems  about her trip to India.
  2. You must have found my attitude .
  3. I saw Tom with another woman. He seemed really .
  4. I hate this restaurant, their food is .
  5. His car was in a  state.
  6. Paul is  in music.
  7. I spilled my beer on the floor. It was really .
  8. There’s been some very¬†¬†news.
  9. This area of Italy has a  climate in June.
  10. I was absolutely  by what I found under his bed.

  1. excited
  2. annoying
  3. embarrassed
  4. disgusting
  5. shocking
  6. interested
  7. embarrassing
  8. surprising
  9. pleasing
  10. disgusted

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