Adjetivos compuestos en inglés: Ejercicio de gramática

Ejercicio de gramática en inglés: Adjetivos compuestos

Termina estas frases utilizando adjetivos compuestos de medición:

Ej: a festival that lasts two days is a two-day festival

  1. A magazine with forty pages is a
  2. The bottle can hold two litres: it’s a 
  3. A cake that costs five dollars is a 
  4. The answer is worth five thousand dollars: it’s a
  5. The walk covers ten miles: it’s a
  6. The glass can contain 20 centilitre: it’s a
  7. The book has 500 pages: it’s a
  8. This tower is 300 feet high: it’s a
  9. I work eight hours every day: I work an
  10. There was a delay of thirty seconds: there was a
  11. This building has twenty floors: it’s a
  12. A break that lasts ten minutes is a
  13. A vacation that lasts two weeks is a
  14. This visit lasts 2 hours : it’s a
  15. A woman who is fourty years old is a


  1. a forty-page magazine
  2. a two-litre bottle
  3. a five-dollar cake
  4. a five-thousand dollar answer
  5. a ten-mile walk
  6. a 20-centilitre glass
  7. a 500-page book 
  8. a 300-foot-high tower
  9. an eight-hour day
  10. a thirty-second delay
  11. a twenty-floor building
  12. a ten-minute break
  13. a two-weeks vacation
  14. a 2-hour-visit
  15. a fourty-year-old-woman

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